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Creative Resort Marketing

Company Overview


Creative Resort Marketing was founded in January 2003 by its Owner and President, Paul Rec. Having worked for several years with a small South Pacific wholesaler, Paul has extensive experience in working with international airlines, operators, online travel agencies, website developers, SEO companies, channel managers, specialty wholesalers, travel agents, products and services throughout the world.

Having traveled extensively throughout the world, Paul has a deep appreciation and understanding of travel, and how to successfully promote boutique resorts using established and proven strategies that develop a strong appeal to the North American market. It is this understanding of the North American market, a deep appreciation of the individuality of boutique resorts, and many travel partner companies that has helped make Creative Resort Marketing a success.

Paul is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and innovative, effective marketing solutions for his clients. Paul has extensive experience in advising companies on their web-based promotions, having written several highly successful websites, and assisting in writing and designing his clients’ websites. He believes that the future of travel marketing lies within the internet, and is a strong proponent of effective internet marketing.


Beyond internet and print marketing, Paul believes in the pre-eminent importance of strong, personal relationships between the clients’ representative and wholesaler /retailer partners. Paul has developed and fostered positive working relationships with many of the leading wholesalers in North America.


While Creative Resort Marketing is based in North America, Paul has taken an active role in promoting clients to a global audience. Paul is aligned with like-minded Marketing and Representation companies located throughout Europe, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, which has given him a deep understanding of these unique travel markets.

What helps make Creative Resort Marketing unique is our dedication to reaching out direct to the consumer. Through the use of powerful websites, extensive internet marketing, and most importantly, personal contact via telephone and email, Creative Resort Marketing embraces the direct-to-consumer marketing that has dramatically improved its clients’ direct sales, resulting in higher profit margins.

Paul designed Creative Resort Marketing to look beyond the company/client relationship and encourage a team/ partner connection, where he is the North American extension of your company. Services and products are customized to meet individual marketing needs. The motto for Creative Resort Marketing is simple:

We are only successful when our Clients are successful.

Creative Resort Marketing builds marketing programs that are specific to our clients. No two resorts are alike, and as such, no two marketing programs should be alike. We do extensive research on your product, your services, and your competition to help determine what makes you unique in your market. The results of this research allows us to help you target your ideal prospective guests through the use of a comprehensive plan built upon your unique attributes. We do not believe in ‘throwing out a huge net’ to attract your customers. Instead, we feel that creative and strategic marketing will maximize your precious marketing budget.

Along with assisting clients with internet, print, and wholesaler-based marketing, Paul has also taken an active role in representing clients at trade shows, making sales calls to wholesalers and specialty travel agents, producing and analyzing sales and marketing reports, working closely with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), and engaging wholesalers and agents in successful marketing campaigns with clients.


Paul has exhibited and has given presentations at many travel shows throughout North America, as well as conferences and shows around the globe. As an avid traveler and fan of the outdoors himself, Paul speaks the ‘language of travel’ to many diverse travel segments, including scuba divers, and other niche markets like fishing, surfing, spa, wedding and honeymoon, romance, and sun and sand.

Paul has a very strong passion for travel.

Put that passion to work for you!


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